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Infant Radiant Warmer— Protect Infant Health

 Date:2021-11-10 17:25:22

Infant Radiant Warmer, is a body warming device to provide heat to the infant. The central nervous system of newborns is immature and has poor body temperature regulation. In a low temperature environment, full-term newborns need to increase oxygen consumption by 2-4 times to increase the metabolic rate to maintain body temperature. However, if it is a critically ill neonatal patient such as hypoxia or head injury, if the ambient temperature is too low, the condition will be aggravated and even life-threatening. At this time, an Infant Radiant Warmer is needed to provide them with a warm and safe place for treatment.

Heal Force Infant Radiant Warmer

Infant Radiant Warmer
FXQ4H Infant Radiant Warmer

Infant Radiant Warmer can maintain a constant temperature environment through the heating tube, and monitor the neonatal body temperature through the skin temperature sensor, reducing the clinical response of neonatal patient due to low temperature and other environmental temperature changes. The routine application of the Infant Radiant Warmer is conducive to keeping warm, quick rewarming, convenient for observation and care, and providing a good treatment environment for neonates.

There are also some unsafe factors in the use of Infant Radiant Warmer, such as improper temperature adjustment, which leads to hyperthermia in neonatal patient. Combining clinical practice and market research, Heal Force analyzes the unsafe factors that may exist during the use of the Infant Radiant Warmer, and starts from the product itself, and proposes solutions, which are improved and designed by engineers.

Infant Radiant Warmer——Enhance product operation support for medical staff

In the case of imperfect operation training for medical staff, it will lead to not fully grasping the standard operation of the Infant Radiant Warmer, and it may appear:
① Improper temperature adjustment of Infant Radiant Warmer, poorly fixed bed temperature and skin temperature sensor, resulting in the neonatal patient's body temperature being too high or the body temperature not rising;
②Place Infant Radiant Warmer in a ventilated place or near direct sunlight, which will affect the temperature control, so that the neonatal patient cannot maintain the normal temperature, and the extremities are cold;
③Remove the glass plate after opening the glass fence or return the glass plate to the position not in time after taking care of it.

Heal Force solution:
Heal Force will give each medical staff a sound training and guidance plan, and put the product operation card next to the product for users to check in real time.

Pay attention to product usage

①Infant Radiant Warmer is not placed in a fixed position, and it is often moved, which may damage the machine;
②The performance is not tested according to the routine before and after use, and the equipment is not repaired in time;
③ Omissions occurred during inspections and problems were not found in time.

Heal Force solution:
Heal Force provides regular inspection services to each user, and pays attention to the usage of the product at any time to ensure that the user's product will not have problems due to untimely maintenance.

Improve equipment conditions

①The traditional old-fashioned rescue table is ventilated on all sides, and the guardrails on the sides of the table are made of plexiglass. The neonatal patient often use slope positions, which may cause the body to slide during activities. If the medical staff does not handle it in time, the neonatal patient’s head or feet will easily touch the glass plate. , causing skin damage;
②If the skin temperature sensor fails or fails to be dealt with in time when the power is cut off, the neonatal patient will have skin burns or hard swelling and other undesirable consequences.

Heal Force solution:
What Heal Force provides to customers is a large-bed Infant Radiant Warmer. The neonatal patient turns over many times and still maintains the position in the bed without falling and bumping his head.

More Features of Heal Force Infant Radiant Warmer

Lockable gas spring bed tilt

Streamlined ABS radiation head

It can be equipped with negative pressure suction


  • Software security protection under unique manual control mode and skin temperature mode
  • The blue light design guarantees the curative effect, and does not affect the medical care and surrounding patients
  • The intensity of blue light can be adjusted in multiple levels from 0-99 to prevent excessive phototherapy

Easy to use:

  • Streamlined ABS heating head design, easy to rotate, beautiful and generous
  • X streamlined chassis design, beautiful lines, easy to clean
  • Lockable gas spring bed tilt mechanism, easy tilt positioning


  • Trinity, 48 quality factory inspection system
  • Strict procurement system for electrical components

Heal Force Bio-Meditech has been deeply involved in the field of medical devices for more than 30 years and has paid close attention to the development of neonatology for many years. In order to help improve the survival rate of newborns, Heal Force continues to improve the software and hardware capabilities of products, analyzes possible unsafe factors and provides corresponding solutions, and carefully crafts the functional design of product humanization and safety, and regularly provides users with professional training and guidance to improve the work efficiency of neonatology medical staff and help the hospital to improve the comprehensive strength of neonatology treatment.

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