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  • K160
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  • HF 180
    HF 180
    Heal Force new generation product- -HF180 carbon dioxide incubator, using 180℃ high temperature dry heat sterilization, using HEPA filter to provide 100 grade air cleanliness culture environment, and thus better protect the sample, is conducive to improve the culture success rate of sensitive cells, such as stem cells, primary cells, etc. The new products can a
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  • Antigen Rapid Test kit For Self-testing At Home
    Antigen Rapid Test kit For Self-testing At Home
    Rapid Test Kit/Antigen Test Kit
    New C0r0navirus antigen detection can directly detect whether the human body contains New C0r0navirus, which can be detected at the early stage of virus infection. It is fast, accurate, and requires less equipment and personnel. Using double antibody sandwich method and using two antigen specific antibodies to identify and com
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  • Soda Lime (Carbon Dioxide Absorbent)
    Soda Lime (Carbon Dioxide Absorbent)
    Main ingredients for Heal Force medical soda lime are calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) without potassium hydroxide (KOH), which effectively reduce risk of generation of nephrotoxic substance.
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  • A2 Fingertip Pluse Oximeter
    A2 Fingertip Pluse Oximeter
    A2 Fingertip Pluse Oximeter is small and lightweight to easily carry around, which convenient for patients to monitor their oxygen saturation and pulse rate anytime and anywhere.
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  • Electrosurgical Vaginal Speculum
    Electrosurgical Vaginal Speculum
    Used in conjunction with a smoker during gynecological LEEP procedures to expel smoke produced during the procedure.
    The surface is insulated to avoid burning other non-surgical areas during the procedure.
    Can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure for many times and the insulation layer will not come off.
    Fine workmanship, reasonable stru
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  • Patient Return Electrode
    Patient Return Electrode
    Patient return electrode,also known as passive/plate electrode, circuit plates, grounding electrodes(pad), and dispersive electrode. Its wide surface reduces current density, safely direct current through the patient's body during electrosurgery, and prevent burns.
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  • Biopolar Forcep
    Biopolar Forcep
    Electrocoagulation is the main means of hemostasis in modern surgical procedures. But in the process of electrocoagulation appears in the nodule, tissue adhesion, pulling cause re-bleeding, thermal injury is an urgent problem to be solved. Heal Force disposable irrigating bipolar forcep may help you solve the problem.
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