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Digital Mobile C-ARM X-RAY System

JD8600 Mobile C-arm X-ray System features sompact, lightweight and flexible design.
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  • JD8600 Mobile C-arm X-ray System features sompact, lightweight and flexible design.
  • Featuring industry-leading high-frequency generator VPW (Variable Pulse Width) to optimize image quality with a lower dose. FPS (frames per second) up to 15, which gives you a clear and transparent mobile image.
  • Ease of use in clinical operation: with stable and efficient hardware equipment, safe and flexible mechanical design, the touch screen control panel can be rotated and tilted to realize the synchronous operation of the main unit and the cart
  • Smart archive management: Quickly and easily view patients' data anytime.
  • Distortionless image acquisition and processing technology promote the accuracy of the surgery to a new level. Perfect image chain can realize easy application in various regular surgeries in orthopedics, general surgeries, trauma surgeries, spine surgeries, urology surgeries, pain surgeries, etc.
  • Various kinds of detectors and abundant extensions are available, which ensures high cost-effectiveness.
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