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  • Personal Health Management Terminal
    Personal Health Management Terminal
    It is a powerful phone terminal integrated with health management system, allows remote data transfer and online communication with doctor without leaving your house.
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  • Health All-in-one  M-8000S
    Health All-in-one M-8000S
    M-8000S health all-in-one machine is a highly integrated portable medical examination equipment for the general public health or hospitals/clinics in local area.
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  • Health Gift Pack 2
    Health Gift Pack 2
    Gift pack with additional ECG version, built-in blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol analyzer, oximeter, blood pressure monitor, electrocardiograph
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  • Health Gift Pack 1
    Health Gift Pack 1
    Basic gift pack, built-in blood glucose uric acid cholesterol analyzer, oximeter, sphygmomanometer
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  • Physiological Parameter Detector PC-600
    Physiological Parameter Detector PC-600
    Multi-parameter measurement of physiological parameter detector includes 12-lead ECG, pulse rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, infrared temperature, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, urine analysis, etc. Relatively perfect monitoring data communication protocol can be opened to provide comprehensive docking technical services. Applicable to PC, Interne
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  • Follow-up Box PC-204
    Follow-up Box PC-204
    Portable Follow-up Box or the first aid kit from Heal Force helps you know your body in real-time.It can automatically generate physical examination report,support paper printing, and use the family doctor APP. It can provide standard interfaces to support interoperability with regional medical platforms.
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  • Health Massage Sofa
    Health Massage Sofa
    With health assessment, cloud service and quick file creation, Heal Force keeps giving you a convenient way to monitor your body.Equipped with 3D four-wheel intelligent manipulator, 6 massage techniques, support 6 speed adjustment, three-stage all-round massage, the full body massage sofa includes self-help complete health tests such as blood pressure, blood oxy
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  • Health Cabin Health-W2
    Health Cabin Health-W2
    With integrated design, flexible configuration, self-service examination, health assessment, cloud service and quick file creation, Heal Force keeps giving you a convenient way to monitor your body. One-stop health hut was Heal Force for the majority of medical institutions, corporate governance systems, health management organizations tailored professional heal
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