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  • Smart N-II
    Smart N-II
    The Smart N-II system is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultrapure water in a single unit — eliminating the need for a pretreatment stage upstream of the ultrapure water system.
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  • Smart NE
    Smart NE
    Smart NE system is a water purification system, integrating electrodeionizaitontechnology to product ultrapure water. EDI technology brings benefit including low energy consumption, lower maintenance cost, better ion exchange and no particulates or organic contamination.
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  • Easy
    The model Easy is all-in-one system to produce Type I,II and III pure water. It is specially designed for users whose pure water applications are wide but also concern cost effective aspect
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  • Smart Mini
    Smart Mini
    Compact new design for small volume ultra-pure water usage
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  • Smart P
    Smart P
    Ultra-pure water from purified water
    The purified water quality required as feed water
    Tap water subjected to ion exchange, reverse osmosis or distillation
    Optimally, the purified water supplied by a Heal Force Smart E/ Smart RO system
    The content of organic and inorganic substances in the feedwater are reduced to values approaching their limites
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  • Smart N
    Smart N
    The Smart N system is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra-pure water in a single unit- eliminating the need for a pre-treatment stage upstream of the ultra-pure water system
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  • Smart Plus EP
    Smart Plus EP
    A comprehensive and optimized sequence of water purification and monitoring technologies allows the combined system to produce both pure(Type 2) and ultra-pure water from tap. Patented EDI technology and ergonomic remote water dispensers provide consistent water quality and optimized delivery.
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  • Smart Plus P (T)
    Smart Plus P (T)
    The Smart Plus P system has been designed especially for you. Using an existing source of pure water as feed,the Smart Plus P system delivers high-quality ultra-pure water (resistivity value: 18.2MΩ.cm @ 25℃,≤5ppb),providing an ultra-pure water solution adapted to today's laboratory environments.
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