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HFsafe-1200CY Cytotoxic Safety Cabinet

HFsafe CY series of Class 2 Safety cabinet with "Safe Change" triple filter configuration is your guarantee of highest level of safety when processing hazardous materials such as Cytostatic, Virus-static pharmaceutics and category 3 pathogens.
Whether in research, production or dispensing, the HFsafe CY cabinets keeps you, your laboratory and the environment safe and contamination free at all times
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Added level of safety and personnel protection  

HFsafe CY cabinets work in the same way as conventional Class II cabinets, however there is additional HEPA filtration below the work surface. This filtration enables a filter change without exposing the ambient environment or service personnel to potential hazards.

Protect the operator and environment

Operator protection is obtained thanks to the excellent containment efficiency of the front air barrier formed by a combination of inflow and down flow air streams and filtration of the air discharged in the environment.

Protect the product and the patient

The sterility of the drugs is essential for the safety of the patient. The air passes through the downflow ULPA filter and into the work area as a vertical laminar flow air stream bathing the work surface in clean air. The uniform, non-turbulent air stream protects against cross-contamination within and throughout the work area.

Protect the engineers

With the HEPA H14 filters placed underneath the work surface and the inflow air having a very short pathway, aerosols generated inside the work area are retained, preventing all other air conducting channels, filters, fans etc. from any contagion. This unique design provides easy and safe 1st HEPA filter changes under safe negative pressure.

Key points:


  • EBM-PAPST Self-induced Blower 
  • ULPA Filtration System
  • Filter Life Indication
  • Quadruple Airflow Monitoring
  • Friendly communication
  • Robust construction & compact design
  • 1st V-Shaped HEPA filter


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