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TaqMan Real-time PCR Technology RT PCR Test Kits

Detection Principle
TaqMan real-time PCR technology
FAM channel detect ORF1ab gene
JOE channel detect N gene
ROX channel detect E gene
CY5 channel detect internal control
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Main components

Reaction buffer

RT-PCR Enzyme Mix

Positive control

Negative control

Internal control A 



Meets registration needs in all countries

Packing And Delivery

· Cold storage box ensuring the safe delivery 

· 96 tests/kit

Product Advantages

       · High sensitivity 

 LoD (Limit of detection) is 300 copies/ml

 The sensitivity of the kit is determined by the LoD. The LoD of HealForce RT PCR test kit is 300 copies/mL. It means the virus can be detected as long as the concentration of virus in the sample is greater than 300 copies/mL. The LoD of previously marketed products is generally 500-1000 copies/mL.

      · Comprehensive

  3 targets (ORF1ab, N and E gene) detected in 1 tube,detect three target genes at the same time to ensure the accuracy of detection.

· Fast detection time

    About 1 hour and 15-20 minutes


        · Multilingual instruction manual


       · Reliable

        Internal control,UNG enzyme and dUTP are used to reduce risk of contamination and false negative results UNG

       · Compatible with different real time PCR machine

     ABI 7500, LightCycler 480, CFX 96, Heal Force X960 etc. with four-channel PCR instrument


· Various specimen type

         Nasopharyngeal swabs, Throat swabs, Stool,Sputum or BALF


· Storage and Period of Validity

       -15℃ to -25℃12 months

· Precision

         CV of CT value within / between batches is less than 5%

        · Specificity

         No cross reaction of other related pathogens with the same or similar infection site 

Clinical Data

      The clinical trials of 597 samples were completed in three clinical institutions.

     Compared with a RT-PCR Test Kit:

     • Positive percent agreement (PPA)=99.51%
      • Negative percent agreement(NPA)=96.44%
      • Overall coincidence rate=97.49%


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