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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

The magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit is packed in carton containing deep-well plate and stirring sleeve. The deep well plate contains magnetic beads, lysis buffer, wash buffer, dissolution buffer and elution Buffer.

The magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction kit uses magnetic beads to adsorb DNA/RNA to achieve rapid purification of viral DNA/RNA. The kit is suitable for extracting high purity viral DNA/RNA from 200µ1 of body fluid including plasma, serum, ascites, tissue-milled supernatant, cultured cell supernatant, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, milk, urine, exfoliated cells Suspension etc. It can be used in molecular biology experiments such as PCR/RT-PCR, Real-time PCR/Real-time RT-PCR.
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Kit Components

• Magnetic beads: nano-iron ferric oxide, water 

• Lysis buffer: guanidine hydrochloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, water, NaCl, Tris-100, isopropanol (30%) 

• Wash buffer: NaCl, water, ethanol (20%), isopropanol (3%)

• elution Buffer: water 


COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test One-stop Solution

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