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  • iForce OR Integration
    iForce OR Integration
    Heal Force iForce integrated smart operating room solution is committed to the development of intelligent operating environment, clinical digitization, and refined management. It is suitable for new smart operating rooms and the transformation of old operating rooms. The diversified operating environment can be customized as needed, and the operating room equipm
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  • HFease 600
    HFease 600
    Impressive improvements on functional performance, user interaction and opeartional safety make HFease600 a truely universal operating table, which offers effective solutions for the widest variety of requirments in the OR.It is an ideal operating table that can be used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, urology, brain surgery, and ENT surgery.
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  • HK-LTPS100
    HK-LTPS100 is one of the star products of the Heal Force operating room product series. Under low temperature (below 60°C) and vacuum, a uniform plasma field is formed in the sterilization chamber through the action of high-frequency electric field. The large amount of ultraviolet rays generated during the plasma formation process can directly destroy the geneti
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  • HFease-400 Series
    HFease-400 Series
    HFease400 Series operating tables are tailered to a variety of positioning requirements from different suigical disciplines.You always find the one from HFease400 Series that meet your demands perfectly, no matter during ENT, ophthalmological, endoscopic, or any other procedures.
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  • EST-1
    EST-1 surgical operating table is a universal electric operating table that allows all kinds of surgical positions. Based on the highly reliable and stable electro-hydraulic system, it can be easily set up and precisely positioned with ultra low noise. With integrated one key reset function, handheld panel, standby control panel in the column and foldable head p
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