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  • Apollo N1-A
    Apollo N1-A
    NICU Monitor. Devised specillay for neonatal.
    8.4 inch touch screen,ECG (3 lead), Suntech NIBP, Masimo SpO2 , RESP, singal TEMP, HR/PR,Multiple display interface, respiratory asphyxia analysis, 112mm printer, lithium battery
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  • Apollo N2
    Apollo N2
    Bedside Monitor.
    12.1 inch high resolution LCD display; 35 million clicking times long life touch screen with Accutouch technology; Maximum 168 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters; Adjustable respiration lead helps to get accurate RESP reading for different patients; 120mm slim design which is modern and saving place; 112mm removable wide rang
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  • Apollo N4
    Apollo N4
    ICU Monitor.
    15 inch high-brightness touch screen; triple color eye-catching alarm light; concealed buttons; built-in lithium battery.
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  • Apollo N5
    Apollo N5
    OR Monitor.
    15 inch high-resolution LED backlight LCD with touchscreen;Modular design for convenient and efficient functions extension;High anti-interference ability with 8000V ECG isolation voltage to resist defibrillator shocking;Double isolation technique ensures IBP reading without interference;Own developed optional function on EtCO2 with 50ml/min flow
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  • ZD100
    Central Monitoring System
    ZD100 is a networking system through both wired and wireless connection. It could connect 32 patient monitors, and expanded to even 64 if required.
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  • ZD120/ZD120B
    Multi-parameter Patient Monitor
    Good value for money; 10.4 inch screen for ZD120, 12.1 inch screen for ZD120B; multiple parameters available in a compact body; no-fan design.
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  • iMD8
    Transport Patient Monitor.
    8.4 inch touchscreen; Embedded handle; Able to use module; 1.6kg of weight; 5 hours of battery life; No-fan design; Multiple interfaces for different departments.
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  • iMD 12
    iMD 12
    Modular Patient Monitor
    Ideal for operation room, Two module slots, plug and play; Embedded handle; Built-in 3-channel thermal printer; Two lithium batteries can continue iMD12 working 6 hours.
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  • Artemis 2
    Artemis 2
    Doppler Fetal Monitor.
    7 inch TFT Screen;Digital display and waveform oscilloscope of twins's heart rate (FHR), uterine contraciton pressure (Toco) value and fetal movement;High sensitive multi wafer impulse ultrasound transducer, MHZ working mode, easy to get the FHR;112mm printer, real time printing or stroage printing available;Curve display and big font
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  • Artemis 4
    Artemis 4
    Doppler Ultrasound Fetal Monitor.
    10.2 inch large-screen color TFT display, digital display and waveform oscilloscopeof twins heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraction pressure (TOCO) value;Directly viewing 1:1 scale of display and print out waveform;7-wafer impulse ultrasound transducer, confugured with special HR self correlation reading algorithm to ensure
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  • iT12 Patient Monitor
    iT12 Patient Monitor
    iT12 Patient Monitor
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