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Heal Force brings you a wide range of sophisticated solutions and products in neonatal care microenvironments, monitoring, and phototherapy. We advocate developmental nursing and are committed to solving the problems of pain, jaundice, sound and light damage, and susceptibility to infection that is easy to occur in nursing for the NICU department, delivering the best care to the neonates and making operation even more simple and efficient.

Infant Incubator
YXK Series Incubators feature optimal environmental condition with suitable temperature and humidity for neonate patient to increase the survival rate of immature babies and facilitate the growth and development of high-risk newborns.
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Infant Phototherapy Incubator
8502 series incubators with phototherapy units keep the neonate patients in stable environment and offers best jaundice therapy.
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Infant Radiant Warmer
FXQ series radiant warmers give radiant heat which warms the neonatal patients and deliver better care in case of emergency or therapy jaundice in the open care system, providing safe and stable environments for infants to heal, grow and develop.
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Infant Bilirubin Phototherapy Unit
Heal Force phototherapy units feature superior phototherapy performance and provide great care for treating jaundice to the patient babies. Different types of phototherapy lights are available to meet your workflow needs.
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Medical Pendants for Newborns
Well-established Heal Force ceiling supply units in NICU are safe and convenient for medical staff to move and rotate. Hung on the ceiling to make the nursing space more spacious and concise improves workplace efficiency.
Neonatal Monitor
It is necessary to rely on the assistance of a monitoring machine to strengthen inspections of the neonates.
Heal Force Apollo N1 is specially designed for neonates and provides more comprehensive data monitoring.
Fatal Monitor
Artemis 4 doppler ultrasound fetal monitor detects and traces the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions of the unborn babies that let healthcare providers see how your baby is doing during pregnancy and childbirth.
Percutaneous Jaundice Meter
Heal Force's percutaneous jaundice testerapplies optical fibre technology, photoelectric technology, electronic technology and data processing to percutaneous bilirubin measurement.
Veterinary Incubator
Our vision is to sustain an advanced thermoregulation system for newborn animals by our extensive technologies. The YXK-6G(Vet) is our basic model but compact design incubator keeps the fragile cub in a stable environment for the best care.
Related Devices
Other related devices available such as suction unit, oxygen blender, infant resuscitator, oxygen analyzer,etc.
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