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A3 Fingertip Pluse Oximeter

The pulse oximeter A3 has six core advantages: multi-parameter monitoring, limit alarm, 5-second test to output the value, four-way rotation, intelligent power saving and internationally recognized certificates.It can monitor your health for quite a long time including your PI,PR and SpO2.Measurement range lies in 35%-99% and the measurement accuracy is between 90%~99% ±1%. All the functions aims to give you a better experience.
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1、Multi-Color TFT Display, four display modes, have big-font display, digital display and
plethysmogram display.
2、Change directions manually according to patient observe needs.
3、When the parameter is abnormal, the display color will be changed automatically.
4、Low power consumption, 50 hours continuous to work.
5、It has the function of Perfusion Index to better get the pulse oxygen perfusion;
6、When the battery voltage is too low, which may affect the normal use, there will be a low
voltage warning indication in the visual window;
7、 Automatic power off when no signals for 8s
8、 Small and light weight, convenient to carry.

Technical Specification
1、Display type: Multi-Color TFT display; 0.96 inch

2、Spo2 measurement range: 35%-99%    PR Measurement range: 30-240BPM
3、Resolution: ±1% for Spo2; ±1BPM for Pulse rate
4、Accuracy: ±1%(90%-99%) ; 70%-89%,±2%; unspecified(≤70%) for spo2
5、Low perfusion: ≤0.4%
6、Power: Two of 1.5(AAA Size) alkaline batteries
8、Power consumption:<30mA
9、Automatic power-off: The product will automatically power off when no signals for 8s.
10、Operation Environment
Operation Temperature: 5℃~40℃
Air pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

63mm X 41mm X 31mm 

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