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Toplite-P Series

The quantum leap becomes especially apparent in modern operating room, with criteria for safety, efficiency and economy. Bringing expertise in surgical illumination and ceiling supply units, Heal Force offers integrated operating room systems throughout the industry for the benefit of patients and medical staff.
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l  The adoption of blue theca plating technology enables the Toplite-P surgical light to create a light source that is close to natural light source.

l  It offers a backup bulb system to ensure continuous operation in case of bulb failure.

l  Shapes of domes are smooth and streamlined, which are easy to clean and meet the requirement of laminar flow purification in operating rooms.

l  Domes with diameters of 70cm and 60cm are optional for choice.

l  The surgical light uses explosion proof and rippled PC plastic dome cover.

l  Single, dual and triple domes are available to be equipped in one ceiling mount lamp.

l  Our surgical light is economically priced while not compromising on performance.


Heal Force operating light systems provide superior performance to satisfy the ever-growing user needs in diverse surgical fields, including general surgery, micro surgery, E.N.T., OB/GYN, orthopedic and cosmetic surgery.

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