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Special Offer: HF100 gives you better user experience with six advantages

 Date:2016-01-27 11:43:32


Advantage One: Three In One Sensor

High quality sensors (CO2, Temperature, Humidity) are mounted directly within the upper side of chamber for precise environmental measurements


Advantage Two: Air Distribution Efficiency

Highly efficient fan-assisted distribution of critical temperature, CO2 and humidity insures uniformity for all samples- no matter their location within the incubator

Compared to HF-90, new CO2 incubator HF-100 installs fans on top of the chamber, where the CO2 inlet port is nearby for better air distribution efficiency.


Advantage Three: Integrated Gas Tank Switcher

A standard, integrated gas tank switcher for CO2 allows the connection of two gas supplies. When the first supply is empty, the controller switches automatically to the second supply.


Advantage Four: A Water Level Sensor

Condensate water is controlled within certain area at bottom of rear chamber

A water level sensor indicates when a refill is needed to avoid the desiccation of important cultures

Our Heal Force incorporates a unique integral humidity water reservoir that provides a high relative humidity (rH) and allows rapid recovery of optimal humidity level after door openings


Advantage Five: Visualization

90 moist heat decontamination process is an automatic, on-demand routine proven effective in eliminating bacteria, molds, fungal spores and mycoplasma.

The cleaning process does not require the disassembly and removal of sensors, hardware or other components for separate autoclaving


Advantage Six: Access Port

HF-100 incubators are supplied with a 52mm access port as standard. This allows cables, plugs and tubing to be easily inserted into or out of chamber



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