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As a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical, healthcare and laboratory product in China, Heal Force has been focusing on these three industries since being established over 22 years.


We work closely with medical professionals in China and internationally to provide complete operating theatre solution and service to help improve surgical condition and procedures. We keep sharing our expertise and know-how in surgical-site construction, preoperative preparation,  anesthesia application, surgical operation, intraoperative to post-operative monitoring and nursing, so that hospitals and clinics can easily equip and informative their surgical workflow to boost efficacy ,safety with minimal investment of time and money.


We also pay attention about how to reduce increasing health burden in the 21st century, like the aging population and irregular life style problems. Against which, Heal Force created market the portable and easy methods to manage day-to-day health condition to help avoid respiratory incidence and heart disease for the consumers. Today, with those excellent products, the consumers are able to perform vital sign monitoring or oxygen therapy anytime, anywhere.


In 2008, the group’s newly developed fingertip oximeter was appointed as the logistic equipment for Beijing Olympic torch relay in Mount Everest due to its high performance and reliability.


As one of leading Chinese suppliers of Safety protection, Sample preparation and Experiment Support equipment, Heal Force's Biosafety cabinet, CO2/mixed gas incubator, Water purification and Centrifuge have been using and facilitating various scientific researches in laboratories in China and other 70 countries.


With the excellent performance, guaranteed safety, advanced technology, our products have been obtained well reputation world-wide, and has being widely used in frontline of "Top Class" of hospitals and laboratories all over the world.

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