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Heal Force African Swine Fever (ASF) Detection Solution

 Date:2019-01-21 09:48:26

Heal Force African Swine Fever (ASF) Detection Solution

What is ASF?

African Swine fever (ASF) is an acute, hemorrhagic, and severe infectious disease caused by African Swine fever virus (ASFV) that infects domestic pigs and various wild boars (African wild boar, European wild boar, etc.).

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) lists it as a statutory report animal disease characterized by a short onset, with a maximum acute and acute infection mortality rate of 100%, clinical manifestations of fever (up to 40 to 42 ° C), rapid heartbeat, and breathing. Difficulties, partial cough, serous or mucous purulent secretions in the eyes and nose, skin blemishes, lymph nodes, kidneys, gastrointestinal mucosa bleeding, clinical symptoms of African swine fever are similar to those of swine fever, can only rely on laboratory monitoring to confirm the diagnosis .

ASFV can enter the pig through the oral and upper respiratory system, infection in the nasopharynx or tonsils, and the virus spreads rapidly to the mandibular lymph nodes, spreading through the lymph and blood. When the virulent infection occurs, the cells change rapidly, and the cells are dead before the obvious stimulatory response. In attenuated infections, the stimulatory response is easily observed, the nucleus becomes larger, and mitosis generally occurs. The incidence is usually between 40% and 85%, and the mortality varies depending on the strain of the infection. The mortality of highly pathogenic strains can be as high as 90-100%; the mortality of moderately pathogenic strains in adult animals is between 20% and 40%, and the mortality rate in young animals is between 70% and 80%. The mortality of low pathogenic strains is between 10% and 30%.

The incubation period of natural infection is 5 to 9 days, which is often shorter. The clinical infection is 2 to 5 days. The body temperature rises to 41 °C on the onset of illness, which lasts for about four days. Until the forty-eight hours before death, the body temperature begins to decline. The clinical symptoms are not shown until the body temperature drops, so the symptoms are different when the body temperature of the piglets rises. During the first three to four days of fever, the appetite of the pigs is extremely fragile. The pigs are lying on the corners and forced to catch up. When it moves, it shows extremely weak, especially hind limbs, pulse fast, cough, breathing about one-third faster, showing difficulty breathing, serous or mucopurulent conjunctivitis, some strains will cause bloody sputum Vomiting, blood changes like swine fever, from three to five cases, showing a 50% reduction in white blood cell count, lymphocytes are also reduced, white blood cell anemia occurs when the body temperature rises, and the number of white blood cells drops on the fourth day It does not fall until 40%, and the increase in the number of immature neutral balls can also be observed. It usually dies on the seventh day after fever, or the symptoms die only one or two days.

ASF diagnosis method

According to the "African Hog Virus Detection Operation Procedure (Trial)" method issued by the China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center in August 2018, real-time quantitative PCR can be used to detect and detect swine fever virus (Method 1 of this document) .

The whole experiment can be divided into two parts:

Step 1 Nucleic Acid Extraction

Step 2 Real-time fluorescent PCR detection

In addition, evaluation and quality control of the swine fever virus detection process is required.

SF detection method

Heal Force African swine fever (ASF) testOverall solution

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of African swine fever, and help the testing institutions to quickly establish the African swine fever (ASF) detection system, Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited provides you with the “Heal Force Afforestation (ASF) testing overall solution”, which is convenient for collecting samples. Collection, rapid extraction and integration, with a variety of safe and reliable laboratory testing equipment and inspection management system, to help you quickly build a laboratory testing system that meets ASF testing standards.


Automatic nucleic acid extractor

The solution adopts the automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument produced by Taiwan Dot Nanotechnology Co., Ltd. The Smart LabAssist-32 instrument is automated and fast and simple. The reaction plate is pre-packed with a 96-well plate, and 1-32 specimens can be extracted at the same time. With different kinds of magnetic beads nucleic acid extraction reagents, samples such as serum, blood, body fluids, animal and plant tissues can be extracted.

Heal Force Biosafety Cabinet

Heal Force biosafety cabinet, which has obtained three different standards of CFDA, NSF49 and EN12469-GS, is one of the main development and revision of China's biosafety cabinet standards. AAF/confil ULPA ultra-efficient air filter; equipped with German original EBM brand self-inductive inverter fan, linked with micro-wind speed sensor for long life and low noise; thermal micro-wind speed sensor for real-time monitoring of wind speed, multi-point measurement, energy-saving wind speed operation Mode; the brand of KI-Discuss personnel protection test is carefully implemented, and the personnel protection performance is an international standard; it has rich experience in automatic linkage control design of laboratory effluent piping system and laminar flow laboratory.

Heal Force clean bench

Heal Force's new generation clean workbench with dual monitoring micro wind speed sensor to control wind speed, monoblock with bar code filter life monitoring, standard door lock safety design, easy equipment management, color screen multi-parameter display, with reservation function, warranty two Year (except consumables).

X960 automatic medical PCR analysis system

Heal Force real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR, the product obtained the CFDA three types of medical device registration certificate, the brand production plant is a national high-tech enterprise, since 2006 began to develop and produce PCR instrument, the product cost-effective. Exclusive dual-light brazing road design, no interference signal, accurate detection results; imported semiconductor temperature control and power control, temperature rise and fall reaches 5 °C / s, temperature stability is good; high resolution industrial grade CCD synchronous signal acquisition; comes with Wifi module , a variety of data connection methods, remote control; can meet the user's relative / absolute quantitative, solubility curve analysis, HRM, SNP and other functional requirements.

T960 gradient PCR instrument

The ordinary/gradient PCR produced by Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited has obtained the CFDA Class II medical device registration certificate. The brand production factory is a national high-tech enterprise. Since 2006, it has developed and produced PCR instruments with high cost performance. 7-inch color touch screen operation, easy to use; Russia imported refrigeration film, long service life; multiple modules to replace themselves, standard gold-plated module, fast heating speed (up to 5 ° C / s); intelligent networked, high remote control The whole machine is guaranteed for five years and localized after-sales service.

Neofuge13R high speed refrigerated centrifuge

The desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge produced by Heal Force Biomedical Technology Holding Group is suitable for molecular biology laboratories and testing laboratories. The products have obtained the CFDA first-class medical device production record, which is cost-effective. Maximum speed ≥15000 rpm, maximum centrifugal force ≥22000*g, maximum capacity 16*5ml; knob type parameter setting, color large screen multi-parameter display; airtight sterilizable bio-safety protection rotor, automatic identification of rotor; fast pre-cooling Function, room temperature to 4 °C time <6 minutes; parameters can be modified in real time, with double countdown function; the whole machine warranty for two years, localized after-sales service.

Smart ultra pure water machine

The desktop ultra-pure water machine produced by Likang Biomedical Technology Holding Group produces pure water and ultra-pure water directly from tap water. It has a dual-purpose machine with beautiful appearance and high cost performance. The whole machine has full plastic mold, which can replace the consumables conveniently; the patent multi-function water tank ensures the water quality is stable; the mobile water pick-up handle can be used to move the water remotely; the original imported consumables, such as RO membrane and resin, ensure the water quality; 2 years warranty (except consumables), local after-sales service.


At present, there are many kinds of nucleic acid extraction kits and fluorescent PCR kits for detection of swine fever on the market. The brands that can be used for detecting nucleic acid in pigs are: Roche, Beijing Dalailai, Guangzhou Weiboxin, Beijing Baiao Laibo, etc.

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