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Our Quality Proved Again by the Tests on Biosafety Cabinet

 Date:2019-01-29 15:14:55

Our Quality Proved Again by the Tests on Biosafety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet, as we know it, is essential laboratory equipment. It is able to prevent the operators from the danger of infectious materials. Categorized by the biosafety level, the method of dealing with contaminated gases are different, and we offer products of level 1 and 2 in both A2 and B2 type.

Recently, we’ve cooperated with a first-rate Korean agent of lab equipment, and done some tests on HFsafe-1200LC.

This model is Class II, Type A2, also customized to have an exhaust duct on the top this time, for which it is harder to install and test. But both of the testing agency and Heal Force are professional. Of all the checking items, they do, we pass, everything goes smoothly.

Light Intensity Test

Noise Test

Inflow and Downflow Air Velocity Test

Aerosol Escaping Test

Particle-counting Test

It is easy to find that the testing agency has an advanced examination procedure of biological protection, and the product of Heal Force is tried-and-true.

Heal Force sets the standard of biosafety cabinet of China in terms of quality and design. With about 30 years of experience, Heal Force provides a reliable and high-end service.

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