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 Date:2019-01-16 14:16:35


On the morning of December 21, 2018, the 8th Shanghai Creative Industry Expo (SHANGHAI CREATIVE INDUSTRY EXPO), known as "Creative Unbounded, Smart Life", was successfully held at the Shanghai Agricultural Exhibition Center. Heal Force was fortunate to participate in this exhibition.

The 8th Shanghai Creative Industry Expo adheres to the theme of the previous seven sessions, constantly explores and enhances the quality of the exhibition, and helps China to move from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, synergy and boosting the development of creative industries in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. It provides strong support for the construction of Shanghai's “four major brands”.


The new IoT(Internet of Things) medical products launched by Heal Force were unveiled at the exhibition, including the health check-up box, the IoT health test massage sofa, etc., as well as other home health products such as the new voice broadcast oximeter. Many customers came to the booth to try and visit, and they recommended Heal Force products to their relatives and friends. On-site staff provided free trial services for related household products such as ECG, blood pressure, SPO2, body temperature, etc., and patiently explained the role of IoT medical health management, and publicized the modern health of “Internet + medical health”. idea.


Exhibitors showed great interest in the new IoT health check box, and the IoT health test massage sofa was also highly concerned by everyone. A large number of exhibitors have extensive experience at the scene. After conducting health checkups during massage, they have given wide acclaim to our products.
In the medical field for nearly 30 years, Heal Force has continued to innovate and develop in the field of IoT medical. Long-term commitment to digital medical information system product development, system integration and technical support services contribute to improving the overall information network of the Chinese Internet of Things. We will continue to focus on innovation, help chronic disease health management, practice pioneering and enterprising, and strive to achieve national health policy and healthy living in 2025.

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