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Pureforce ROE (30,70,100L/h)

Heal Force has developed Pureforce ROE model, specially for high demanding water solution in laboratories. Incorporating with electrodeionization module, Pureforce ROE can continuously supply type II purified water
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  • Just a simple key press to sterilize reverse osmosis, recirculation pumpline and water tank, ensuring water quality


Touch screen control


  • 8.0 inches colored display for multi-parameters
  • Intelligent control with man-machine interaction
  • Filter life indicator with alarm function in time



Internal 60L water tank


  • Water tank is integrated into the main structure to save your valuable laboratory space
  • The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the generation of velum
  • PE material ensure low extractives
  • Optional UV lamp and vented filter mantain consitent purity of stored water



EDI module

  • Resins are continuously regenerated by the electrical current and are never exhausted
  • Low operating cost, low engergy consuption and low maintenance



  • Duplex operation (i.e. two linked Pureforce ROB units) to provide an even greater operational contingency that avoids a single point of failure


Additional features

  • Strengthened purification cartridges- loaded with PP cotton, active carbon, softten resin meet large volume reuirement, optimizing the following purification efficiency
  • Unique reverse osmosis- flow restriction design with automated forward and backward rinse increases lifespan of the module by 50%
  • Patented resistivity meter- compact type meters with low cell constant (0.01cm-1) and automatic temperature compensation make the value meaningful
  • Simple modular design- standard modular consumables and accessories facilitate daily operation and maintenance.
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