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  • T960 Gradiente PCR Termociclador
    T960 Gradiente PCR Termociclador
    El ciclador Genemate T960 Touch es el buque insignia de Heal Force plataforma de ciclos térmicos, que ofrece un rendimiento sin igual para obtener resultados rápidos y precisos y la interfaz de última generación con nuevas formas de optimizar los protocolos y satisfacer las necesidades únicas de cualquier investigador. Que le permite elegir entre varios módul
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  • B960
    Reliable guarantee for the accuracy of the temperature.
    Temperature extended control mode which is closer to required experiment temperature control and is able to effectively avoid the system error caused by the disaccord of the temperature points among the instrument's display temperature, actual block temperature and the temperature required for reagents.
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  • K960
    The most advanced semiconductor technology (Peltier based)
    No matter how you configure your K960 gradient thermal cycler system, it provides the high-end performance you need, easily adapts to meet your lab’s changing PCR needs, and helps you stay within your budget. Designed for trouble-free, long-life operation even in the most rigorous environments, the
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  • KF960
    Do not let poor instruments compromise your PCR results. Take control of your experiments. Heal Force KF960 thermal cycling system gives you the power to do the experiments you want to do, the way you want to do them. All that experience – millions of reactions a day – adds up to confidence, whether you are doing a few samples, or a few thousand. KF960 support
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  • K640
    The K640 thermal cycler combines industry- standard technology from 960 series- but in a more compact package and at a lower price.
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  • K160
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  • Trident 960
    Trident 960
    El diseño del módulo independiente puede ayudar al personal del laboratorio a utilizar el instrumento de manera más eficiente y evitar la confusión causada por el uso cruzado entre diferentes usuarios.
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