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Protection Against Cytotoxic Drug Risks |11 Conspicuous Features You Need to Know About Heal Force Cytotoxic Cabinet

 Date:2019-12-23 13:48:42


“Each cancer is caused by a combination of bad luck, environmental influences and genetic predisposition.”                                        ——Cancer expert Bert Vogelstein

When it comes to cancer, we are all scared of it. Actually, it is in our body all the time, but waiting for an opportunity, an opportunity for large-scale reproduction. Once cancer has seized this opportunity, and only then regular treatment can prevent the disease from developing.

Clinically, chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment. But do you know something specific about cytotoxic drugs used for chemotherapy? Who is in charge of cytotoxic drug preparation? What kind of or which brand of equipment can protect them from the danger of cytotoxic drugs?

Whether you work in a related medical field, probably consider choosing the right safety cabinet against cytotoxicity at present, or you just simply want to know a bit basic knowledge about cytotoxic drugs, the answers are in the following content.

What is the cytotoxic drug?
Cytotoxic drug
Cytotoxic drugs refer to as antineoplastic, anticancer or cancer chemotherapy drugs, include a wide range of chemical compounds. They are extensively used to treat cancer, as they kill tumour cells by interfering with cell division. However, their actions are not specific to tumour cells and normal cells may also be damaged. This means potentially serious side-effects in both patients or others exposed.
They are used in a range of settings including; hospitals, specialist oncology units, hospices, care homes, charitable organisations, and domestic homes. They may also be used in veterinary clinics. 

Negative side-effects of cytotoxic drugs on healthy cells during chemotherapy
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomit
  • White blood cells and/or red blood cells reduction
  • Cause cancer, mutation, reproductive toxicity (CMR)
Who is at risk?
  • Patients receiving chemotherapy may cause secondary tumours due to the effects of chemotherapy
  • Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medical and nursing staff, laboratory staff have health risks of exposure to cytotoxic drugs
Routes to accidental absorption or exposure to cytotoxic drugs
  • Mouth: through the digestive system
  • Aerosol: through the respiratory system
  • Skin: usually a wound
  • Mucosa: through oral or eyes
  • Professional equipment (biological safety cabinet, cytotoxic safety cabinet)
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Special devices (eg closed systems, pressure relief equipment)
  • Related professional knowledge training
Do you know some existing defects of conventional BSC in the market?
Difficult to Disinfect & Cleanliness of the Operating Area
During the work of the safety cabinet, the nature of the gas and its environment often change, which makes it difficult to guarantee the purity and safety of the experimental products. Conventional biological safety cabinets cannot do this.
Although it has passed a variety of stringent factory tests, if the filter is damaged and the gas or experimental product is leaked, the operator will be exposed to the risk of cytotoxic drugs.

Risky to Replace and Maintain Filter
The steps for replacing the filter are complicated, and maintenance personnel inevitably come into contact with cytotoxic substances during disassembly, and the accumulated pollution will cause damage to personnel and the environment.

Short Filter Life
The large airflow of the B2 type safety cabinet results in extremely short filter life; the life of the activated carbon filter used for external exhaust flow is also extremely short, resulting in frequent replacement of each filter. Therefore, the cost of consumables required for conventional biological safety cabinets is relatively high, and if the failed filter is not replaced in time, it will easily cause secondary pollution.

Tedious Installation
When the B2 and A2 safety cabinets perform cytotoxic operations, the external exhaust flow must be filtered by an activated carbon filter and then being discharged to the outside through a dedicated pipe. The installation not only requires high installation costs but also places high demands on the site.

Limited Number of Installations & Huge Energy Consumption
Due to the large exhaust flow and tedious installation of the B2 safety cabinet, the number of installations in each laboratory is limited, and the laboratory must be equipped with a dedicated piping system and exhaust equipment. As conventional biological safety cabinets are equipped with exhaust equipment, the large-volume exhaust air greatly affects the energy efficiency of indoor air-conditioning facilities, which causes huge energy consumption.
Why Use Cytotoxic Cabinets?
As we’ve known, anticancer drugs and certain chemotherapeutic drugs are highly toxic to cells, and many have been proven to be carcinogens, organism mutation inducers, or teratogens. These drugs are increasingly being used in the treatment of cancer and other physical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disorders in medical equipment, laboratory and veterinary tests.

The manipulation and preparation of cytotoxic drugs require special procedures, which is performed in a strictly clean and safe environment. Since cytotoxic drugs are high-risk compounds, operators involved in drug analysis and preparation, and maintenance personnel who conduct filter replacement must be adequately protected.

Unlike microbial contamination, these drug dust contaminations cannot be neutralized by ordinary disinfection methods such as formalin or hydrogen peroxide.

That's why the cytotoxic safety cabinet is designed specifically for cytotoxic drug experiments and operations.
11 Conspicuous Advantages You Need Know About Heal Force Cytotoxic Cabinet
Heal Force is the first in China to develop and manufacture cytotoxic safety cabinet. HFsafe-1200CY, as the representative series of our high-end safety cabinets, has received widespread attention since they were launched on the market. Especially at the international exhibitions MEDICA and ACHEMA, foreign customers expressed their praise and recognition for HFsafe-1200CY series which have been sold to India, Thailand, Romania, Serbia and other countries as well.

1 More advanced design provides higher standards of security
Equipped with two ultra-efficient ULPA filters (exhaust filter and downdraft filter) and four sets of high-efficiency HEPA filters (front filter module).


2 Stricter production management and factory testing
3 International quality attestation
The first manufacturer in Asia to obtain DIN12980 GS certification from TUV NORD
The only domestic manufacturer to obtain TUV NORD DIN12980 GS certification
The only Chinese manufacturer in China that has obtained TUV NORD EN12469, DIN12980 and US NSF 49 certifications
The only manufacturer in China with the qualification of on-site inspection engineer issued by TUV NORD
The only Chinese manufacturer participated in the revision of the European standard for biosafety cabinets and cytotoxic safety cabinets organized by TUV NORD
4 Higher performance single fan control technology
 Imported German EMB fan with low failure rate, stable wind speed and strong anti-interference ability;
 Advanced single fan design, which simultaneously controls the downflow and outside exhaust flow velocity, good synchronization and stable wind speed control;
 The self-induction fan can automatically adjust the wind speed when the filter is blocked to ensure safe use and low maintenance costs
5 More efficient air filtration design
The filtration efficiency of high-efficiency filter (HEPA) reaches 99.995%;
Ultra high efficiency filter (ULPA) filtration efficiency of 99.9995% @ 0.12μm or more
6 More advanced wind speed monitoring technology
 Real-time dynamic monitoring of downdraft air flow and external exhaust flow speed using a hot film micro wind speed sensor (non-pressure sensor)
 Adopt multiple wind speed monitoring, each equipped with a wind speed sensor in the work area and the outside air outlet, multi-point measurement and monitoring
 4 wind speed detection ports and 2 pressure detection ports
7 More stable airflow mode
The optimized structure and diffuser plate design make the downdraft more stable, and provide a safer experimental environment.
8 More effective and convenient pre-filter design
Minimize the operator's intake of cytotoxic drugs:
The unique structure design of the pre-filter allows the pre-filter module to be disassembled, recycled and replaced while the safety cabinet is running, so that the entire process is under the protection of the safety cabinet, which effectively protects the operator and the environmental safety.

9 More ingenious split table design
The new split table top design makes the single table smaller, lighter and easier to remove and install. It is convenient for users to put the split table into the sterilizer for high temperature and high pressure sterilization.
The split type table uses a unique diversion tank design to ensure that the liquid spilled during the experiment accurately flows into the bottom tank and protects the front filter from liquid attack.

10 More optimized ergonomic design
11 Lower noise and more comfortable working environment
The standard requires that the measured value at a position of 0.7 meters above the working plane and 0.5 meters in front of the center of the observation window cannot exceed 60 dB (A).
Simply put, the HFsafe-1200CY cytotoxic cabinet provides better safety than conventional Class II biological safety cabinets.
Equipped with two ultra-efficient ULPA filters (exhaust filter and downdraft filter) and four sets of high-efficiency HEPA filters (pre-filter module). It provides an ultra-clean laboratory environment while ensuring a higher level of safety for operation and maintenance. Each performance meets the standard of the German cytotoxicity safety cabinet DIN12980 and exceeds EN12469, NSF49 and YY0569.
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