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In order to provide high-quality, trustworthy products and professional services to the medical and scientific fields, for decades, in addition to continuous improvements in marketing and services, Heal Force has been making unremitting efforts to optimize supply chain management and production processes.

We have a professional quality control system and a highly integrated production model. Based on the identification of customer needs, we strictly implement standardized operating procedures, accurately use operating tools, standardized operating methods and production records, and control each production in accordance with operating standards In the link of inspection and inspection, real-time quality measurement and supervision and inspection are carried out to control product quality and make it meet the quality technical requirements.

We always pay attention to customer satisfaction. For a long time, Heal Force has taken customer satisfaction as the starting point and end point, taking seriously understanding customer needs, paying attention to customer feelings and satisfaction, and providing quality services in all directions.

We always pay attention to the product verification process. Whether it’s procurement, production, new product development, finished product sampling or product improvement, we take every step of the inspection seriously, pay attention to details, understand the current status of product quality, actively respond to the problems found in the test, and take measures to meet customer needs. "Allowing unqualified products to enter the next process" is our consistent aim.

We always pay attention to continuous quality improvement. We insist on researching and improving the comprehensive quality of products from the diversified perspectives of product physical performance, applicability, safety, environmental impact, economy and aesthetics, and trust to meet the different needs of customers.

We always pay attention to the ability to establish and maintain the process. We pay attention to the establishment of a systematic quality cost management and value innovation continuous improvement mechanism, continuously improve the refinement and specialization of the management mechanism, improve the details and strengthen the implementation, so that the continuous improvement of the service quality assurance mechanism is increasingly perfect.

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