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Heal Force actively participates in various social assistance and social welfare activities while developing its business. The company’s party branch, labor union and general branch of the Youth League jointly carried out disaster relief and charitable donations, and actively mobilized employees to assume the social responsibility of "corporate citizen" and contributed to the creation of a harmonious society. Young white-collar workers actively participated in volunteer activities, poverty alleviation, and assistance to the elderly and the disabled. activity.

Heal Force has long been adhering to the concept of giving back to the society and dedicating love. In 2018, it actively participated in the poverty alleviation project of "double-hundred telemedicine", contributed love, helped comprehensive coverage of remote outpatient clinics in towns, and implemented the promotion of high-quality medical resources.

Heal Force adheres to its social responsibilities and has been caring for and caring for the returning overseas Chinese for many years, pairing with old overseas Chinese for assistance, regular telephone contact and door-to-door visits, sending love and blessings to the couple, and helping them to relieve their boredom in a variety of ways.

Heal Force Executive Director Shen Yingting won the "Shanghai Overseas Chinese Community Charity Contribution Award" in recognition of his active participation in various social assistance and social charity activities, his dedication and his contribution to the innovation and development of the domestic medical industry.

Since 2012, the company has actively participated in the “Overseas Chinese Helping Overseas Chinese • Show Love” activity in Changning District, and donated to the Shanghai Charity Foundation from time to time.

Since 2009, Heal Force has joined the "Hong Kong Council of Social Service", by participating in various cross-border exchanges and public welfare activities, caring for the community, caring for employees and caring for the environment, and work together to build an inclusive society.

Every year the party members contribute month to the people activities, there are company volunteers, regardless of the severe cold and heat, the tables and chairs "serving the people" are set up early to welcome citizens and tourists who come to consult and provide free health index measurement.

Heal Force participates in the "Happy Run" charity marathon and run with the disabled to inject positive energy into a healthy life. The fundraising activities will be used for public welfare mental health education services.

The group actively carried out poverty alleviation activities, established the company's special poverty relief fund account, and advocated company employees to donate money and materials to colleagues who were in difficulties and seriously ill, which was well received.

Heal Force actively participates in civilized etiquette, emergency relief, emergency rescue and social voluntary services: company leaders take the lead in actively promoting voluntary unpaid blood donation programs every year, mobilize employees to participate in voluntary blood donation activities, employees actively respond to sign up, blood donation work is well implemented, and sign up for blood donation every year.

Heal Force actively participates in social welfare activities organized by the Medical Service Department of the Hong Kong Red Cross Society to visit orphaned elderly people, pass on positive energy of love, and carry forward the fine tradition of "love, respect and help the elderly".

In the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Mr. Shen Qinhua and the leaders of the group formulated an assistance plan as soon as possible. 100 pulse oximeters were sent to the disaster area as the first batch of donated materials. Subsequently, Heal Force Group donated medical equipment and other materials worth nearly 2 million yuan to a number of medical institutions and charitable organizations. The employees of the group also actively responded to voluntary donations. Colleagues from both the mainland and the Hong Kong headquarters donated one after another, raising a total of nearly 300,000 yuan. After the relief work in the disaster area was basically stabilized, Heal Force Group once again invested 500,000 yuan to help Sichuan Dujiangyan Qiaoai Primary School carry out post-disaster reconstruction.

During the SARS period in 2003, Heal Force donated a large number of biochemical medical equipment to relevant domestic epidemic prevention and control institutions; in addition, Heal Force also donated two batches of urgently needed scientific research equipment and funds for the National Giant Panda Cloning Project, which enabled the program to restart .

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