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Heal Force remains deeply committed to corporate social responsibility - responsible, sustainable, and contribute to communities in which we work and live. We have witnessed the positive impact that CSR has had on our employees, communities, the environment, and also our business. That is why we believe that CSR is both our responsibility and a competitive differentiator.

SARS swept through Asia in 2003, dozens of Biological safety cabinet developed independently by Heal Force was donated and became an important tool and preferred choice for large hospitals to prevent the staff of clinical laboratory from infection.

May 2008, after the Wenchuan earthquake, Heal Force Group donated 200 medical fingertip pulse oximeters at the first time for the disaster relief. Heal Force Group donated about RMB two hundred millions in total in different forms for the disaster area people in Wenchuan.

Heal Force Group donated ¥200,000 to fund the construction of Heal Force Hai Lian Hope Primary School in the poor area in Yunnan

Heal Force Group donated ¥500,000 to fund the reconstruction of Qiao Ai Primary School in Dujiangyan, Sichuan after the disaster.

On March, 2009
Heal Force Group was awarded the title of Corporate Ambassador in Hong Kong because of the active participation in the public welfare.
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