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Smart ROP

Smart ROP series produce high quality pure water with superior resistivity and low TOC (<30ppb)
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Microprocessor Control

  • Fully automatic and self-diagnostic system monitors and controls working condition.
  • PIN-coded access to software set points prevents unauthorized changes to operation or system settings.

Comprehensive Sanitization

  • Unlike many other systems, Heal Force entire fluid pathway is included in the automated disinfection process ensuring complete sanitization.

Module-designed Cartridges

  • High quality and economical due to disposable integrated purification column design.
  • Easy replacement and quick connection.

High precision resistivity meter

  • Flow-through structure make sure the real-time measurement of the actual ionic concentration in water
  • Low cell constant (0.01cm-1) to ensure optimum measurement accuracy of low ionic contamination
  • Automatic temperature compensation (0.1 resolution) makes the value displayed on the screen meaningful

Easy-to-read LCD display

  • User-friendly LCD provides optimal convenience, with indication on resistivity and reservoirs water consumable changing reminder water quality.

Optional strengthened pre-treatment module

  • 20' size long cartridge contrains detergent. Therefore, besides the feature of higher water throughput, feed water with extremely low quality can be properly dealt with

Contamination-Free Water Tank

  • Water level sensor combined with bottom pump enables 5-level automatic water production controls
  • Capacity of water reservoir includes 30L and 60L. Moreover, ultra big 350L water reservoir is available for special needs
  • The water reservoir is made through cylindrical mold and blow molding process to avoid the generation of velum
  • PE material ensure low extractives
  • Overflow protection tube eliminates the risk of flooding
  • Cone shape bottom guarantees no stagnant water and facilitates easy clean
  • Optional UV lamp and vented filter maintain consistent purity of stored water and provide effective protection against airborne contaminants

Network Compatible


  • RS232 port allows for data collection and permanent record of water quality and system parameters, with date and time, to a PC or printer - essential for compliance with good laboratory practice guidelines
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