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Smart N

The Smart N system is a compact solution that combines the production of pure water and ultra-pure water in a single unit- eliminating the need for a pre-treatment stage upstream of the ultra-pure water system
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Simplest operation!


  • Just four control keys allow for rapid operational readiness to improve user experience
  • Everything else is automatically managed by the built-in microprocessor control system
  • PIN-coded access to software set points prevents unauthorized changes to operation or system settings

Rapid cartridge replacement!



  • One,two,three...rapid catridge change due to quick-connection
  • Water purification progresses through separate modules, each with quick connects for simple individual replacement
  • Streamlined apperance and intelligent structural design with easy-access door means system can be located under bench
  • Quick and easy sanitizationa and replacement of consumables reduce maintenance time


Reliable work!


  • Integrated feedwater check
  • Good quality feedwater is a basic requirement for the degree of purity of the water produced, as well as for the long service lives of all purification stages.
  • An additional measuring cell permanently monitors the conductivity of the feedwater. Any exceeding of the limiting value is immediately displayed.

Conductivity measurement!

  • The high-precision conductivity measuring cells are individually measured out and each value deposited in the system
  • The electronics are automatically calibrated and controlled prior to each measurement.

Temperature compensation!


  • Platinum chip temperature sensors with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° C are used here
  • The temperature compensation can be switched off. USP requirements are fulfilled and optimal measurement reliability ensured.

Flexible dispensing!


  • Remote water dispenser with ergonomical design comforts your water delivery experiences.
  • The height and direction of dispenser is adjustable for different positions. Action radius is 25cm
  • The dispensing pistol can be removed from dispenser arm to expand your working area.
  • Full recirculation guarantees water quality at point-of-use
  • Auto-volume dispense from 100ml to 60 liters and repeat dispensing
  • Foot-pedal activation is available to allow hands-free delivery in a clean room, further reducing the possibility of contamination.


Clear information!


  • The large easy-to-read LCD display affords the user optimal convenience, with indication on:
  • The temperature in °C
  • The temperature-compensated conductivity/resistivity of water
  • The operating mode status, such as production, stand-by
  • Liquid level in water tank
  • Consumable changing reminder


Water leakage protection!

  • Water leakage sensor is linked to the microprocessor system to automatically cut off water input and activate alarm in the situation of leakage

Space saving!

  • Each Smart series can be optional installed space-savingly under the bench, in a lab table, or mounted directly to the wall(without the need for extra mounting material).
  • Remote dispenser can be connected to the main system at a distance of 3 meters. You can get water from height adjustable arm, or hand-held dispensing at each point- of-use
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