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Into the Deepest

 Date:2016-10-18 12:15:21

As you may notice that Heal Force's logo is a sailing boat for we are dedicated to sailing with you in the science and health world with innovted technologies, reliable quality and service.

Sailing boat is not only a sign, but also a real action instead. Heal Force sails with China's first privately funded scientific research ship. The ship, Zhang Jian, named after the founder of Shanghai Ocean university, is 97 meters long and 17.8 meters wide. It is designed to carry 60 people and has a 15,000-nautical mile range.

The ship will control Rainbow Fish, China's first 11,000-meter robotic submersible, to try to get 8,000 meters under the surface, said Cui Weicheng of the Hadal Science and Technology Research Center at Shanghai Ocean University.

Cui said the robotic submersible had been tested down to 4,000 meters underwater. If the test in New Britain Trench succeeds, Zhang Jian will take the Rainbow Fish for another dive to 11,000 meters in the Mariana Trench by the end of 2016.

His research center has been working on a new manned submersible that will hopefully be able to take people down to 11,000 meters by 2020.
Over the next five years, Chinese scientists plan to build one manned and one unmanned submersible, each of which can reach depths of 11,000 meters.

"It is China's first scientific research ship that was totally financed by the private sector," Cui said, adding that compared with applying for official finance support, cooperating with the private sectors has shortened the process by four to five years.

" We are honored to be the part of Rainbow Fish project equipment supplier", The Heal Force marketing manager Li said, "AlphaClean laminar flow clean bench is ideal for a wide range of applications where sample protection is required. The equipment is designed for boat working enviroment with dedicated fixation accessories which is important for research stability. "

Behind every great discovery, there is the technology that make it all possible. From the every beginning, We keep sharing our expertise and know-how in life science, healthcare sectors.

In 2008, the group’s newly developed fingertip oximeter was appointed as the logistic equipment for Beijing Olympic torch relay in Mount Everest due to its high performance and reliability.

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