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HF3000 Biofeedback Trainer

A smart rehabilitation device that guides patients throughout all the training by biofeedback technology.
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined with biofeedback technology helps to rebuild the connection between damaged neuron and muscle system.
The equipment is precise enough to give a training tailored for the patient to help the patient recover.
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Dual Evaluation 

Electromyography based evaluation and surface EMG based muscle fatigue evaluation 

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation 

Strengthen muscle and correct wrong behavior 

Solution tailored for patients makes the whole rehabilitation safe and easy 

Feedback and Stimulation Training 

A great combination of active training and passive training. Strengthen the muscle while rebuild the premotor cortex functionality. 

Template Training 

All the major rehabilitation modes. Active training designed for people with different muscle strength 

Clinical Application 

Neurology: Cerebral stroke, Traumatic brain injury Rehabilitation: Spinal cord injury, muscle weakness, myositis, peripheral nerve injury, muscular dystrophy 

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