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Focusing on integrated medical solutions

Dedicated to medical field for 30 years, Heal Force has become a large-scale medical equipment manufacturer and supplier. We continue to optimize the products to provide doctors with better medical equipment and solution, leading you to a healthier life.

Operating Room Equipment

Heal Force makes full use of cross-industry technology and launch a smart operating room to provide customers with an integrated solution for operating room products. We possess a comprehensive portfolio of OR equipment-operating tables, surgical lights, electrosurgical generators, patient monitors, anaesthesia machines, etc. Besides, our ceiling pendant maintains a high market share in China. Our goal is to help deliver professional solutions for your OR and bring you an ease-to-use experience.

Intensive Care&Anesthesia

Leading manufacturer of anesthesia machines in China with a wealth of technical reserves. The machine features a fully electronic control flow that can be matched with anesthesia electronic medical records and consecutively selected as one of the top 10 anesthesia monitoring equipment and China's excellent medical device product catalogs in the "Anesthesia and Monitoring Forum".
Professional vital sign monitor R&D and manufacturing team to deliver patient monitoring care.

Perinatal Care

We deliver integrated solutions for baby caring, jaundice management, NICU monitoring which include baby incubators, infant phototherapy incubators, infant radiant warmers, transcutaneous bilirubinometer and neonatal monitors.

Rehabilitation Treatment

A smart rehabilitaiton device that guides patients throughout all the training by biofeedback technology.
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation combined with biofeedback technology helps to rebuild the connection between damaged neuron and muscle system.

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