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  • Electrosurgical Pencil
    Electrosurgical Pencil
    The electrosurgical pencil can be used with various types of high-frequency electrosurgical generators. Llightweight materials and humanized anti-slip design makes operation much more comfortable for users.The water-proof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock, and the long enough wire length and thick enough inner core ensure the safety performance of t
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  • Electrosurgical Vaginal Speculum
    Electrosurgical Vaginal Speculum
    Used in conjunction with a smoker during gynecological LEEP procedures to expel smoke produced during the procedure.
    The surface is insulated to avoid burning other non-surgical areas during the procedure.
    Can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure for many times and the insulation layer will not come off.
    Fine workmanship, reasonable stru
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  • Patient Return Electrode
    Patient Return Electrode
    Patient return electrode,also known as passive/plate electrode, circuit plates, grounding electrodes(pad), and dispersive electrode. Its wide surface reduces current density, safely direct current through the patient's body during electrosurgery, and prevent burns.
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  • Biopolar Forcep
    Biopolar Forcep
    Electrocoagulation is the main means of hemostasis in modern surgical procedures. But in the process of electrocoagulation appears in the nodule, tissue adhesion, pulling cause re-bleeding, thermal injury is an urgent problem to be solved. Heal Force disposable irrigating bipolar forcep may help you solve the problem.
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  • Electrosurgical Electrode
    Electrosurgical Electrode
    We provide a variety of shapes and specifications for users to choose, in conjunction with an electrosurgical pencil to meet the needs of various gynecological procedures.
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