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Our medical use Baby incubator for jaundice Model 8502D keeps the neonate patients in stable environment and offers best jaundice therapy in neonatal intensive care unit. The design of phototherapy incubator gives the fragile patients the best comfortable environment. Guarantee an easy and friendly way for doctors and nurses.
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●Phototherapy light intensity is constantly adjustable 

●Time of bilirubin phototherapy can be paused, recorded and accumulated

●Phototherapy treatment duration can be pre-set and it automatically shuts off when a pre-set duration is reached

●Working life of LED phototherapy unit is lasting 20,000 hours

●Silicone mattress protect neonate from cauma while phototherapy treatment

●Microprocessor servo-controller ensures a precise and reliable temperature control

●Set temperature, monitored air temperature and baby skin temperature and heating power are distinguished in display

●Servo-controlled humidification system maintains the relative humidity at a constant level in the incubator

● Set and monitored humidity concentration are displayed separately

●Ultrasonic and low temperature nebulized humidification protects neonate from bacterias pollution

37 override temperature function

●Self-checking function for safety affirmative

●Audible and visible alarm indications for multiple failures with 3 priorities

●Chord alarm notes nurse farther than 8meters, but leaves asleep baby uninterrupted

●Aluminous framework for constant temperature keeping

●Continuous adjustment of mattress inclination up to 10º

●Drawer-type water reservoir is easily removable for cleaning and disinfection

●Nature air circulation system

●Cupboard cabinet



We designed the infant phototherapy incubator is for fragile patients, and it has your exceptional requirements and best care solutions. Widely applicable in all hospitals and clinics and optimize for preterm births or for some ill full-term babies or jaundiced baby.

Optional Accessories

l  Side door, front-rear door

l  Double wall hood

l  Vertical height adjustable

l  Infant phototherapy unit (OSRAM tubes)


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