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X320 Real-Time PCR

The X320 real-time PCR system is a high performance bench top instrument, giving you greater control of your experiment data. It delivers reliability, sensitivity, and accuracy, which is optimized to enable the broadest range of quantitative PCR applications.
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Brand-new design, constantly keep improving, give you a new feeling. -Super bright monochromatic LED light source, no need for crosstalk correction. -Refrigeration type high-resolution scientific CCD. Collect fluorescence signals simultaneously, consistently and accurately. -Tablet PC with Android 7.0(or above) operating system and A8 processor can ensure smooth running and enhance experience feelings. -Imported advanced semiconductor technology can ensure accuracy of amplification rate and results. -With multiple analysis modes:Qualitative, relative/absolute quantification, melting curve analysis, etc. -Can be connected with PC via Wi-Fi/LAN, which is more convenient to use.
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