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 Since Heal Force was founded in 1989, our company has earned a reputation worldwide for high product quality and continuous innovation. Today, Heal Force has become the market leader with distribution in more than 100 countries. With continuous improvement, we aimed to be better partners for customers, suppliers, and employees. This process requires us to actively listen and learn recommendations and opinions to ensure the products represented the best wisdom in the world. Heal Force is a story of hard work and entrepreneurship, attention to detail, advocate the passion of creation, and empowerment of others. Our core values are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business. They are the driving force for the company and are our commitments to the ecosystem. These values enable us to provide effective services to our customers and to achieve our vision of "Heal Force leads you healthier life".

Heal Force has created a positive working environment in which every employee could make the best of their knowledge and ability. Cooperation and coordination between people and departments are close and frequent. We respect each of our employees and their value, listen to their thoughts, and care about their cultivation and progress. Our culture is based on our people-oriented belief and outstanding teamwork, from which a sophisticated service system is established.

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