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Mobile PCR Nucleic Acid Detection Laboratory (Vehicle)

The Mobile PCR Laboratory for nucleic acid detection has the advantages of fast flow, maneuverability and flexibility. It is a rapid deployment to add instant testing capacity and is suitable for remote locations.
In a limited space, the vehicle-mounted laboratory is highly integrated with relatively complete laboratory equipment, which can safely, quickly and labor-saving emergency detection of viral nucleic acid, such as the new coronavirus, and is suitable for areas that do not have the detection conditions.
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Application Areas:   

l Hospital: Independent from the building, greatly reducing the risk of nosocomial infection.

l CDC: Available for place with pandemic outbreak at any time.

l Customs: Quickly deployed, greatly minimize the risk of foreign imported disease.

l Third party testing: Greatly reduce transfer speed

l Strategic reserve of an institution or within a country

Product Advantages:

Our Mobile Container is designed to withstand the harshest climates, it is a Biosafety Level 2(BSL-2) laboratory with a real-time PCR X960, a class II A2 recirculating biosafety cabinet and other relevant lab equipment, to perform SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis. It adheres to the guidelines and principle by WHO Reference No.: WHO/WPE/GIH/2020.1 and other laboratory guidelines.

l Standard 40 feet container structure (other sizes are also available upon request), shipping internationally by sea freight.

l Low cost but packed with fully functional equipment which are anti-corrosion, anti-shock and anti-infection, comply with international safety standards.

l Quick elimination of pollution to ensure the cleanliness of the room.

l Combined air conditioning unit, keeping indoor temperature constant at 18℃-26℃, relative humidity does not exceed 70%.

l Simple installation with hoisting easily operate with water and electricity connection.

l Our laboratory can be reused and re-deployed in different scenarios after the pandemic, such as antibody serology testing, basic TB direct screening and HIV testing. 



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